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Starting a new business

Starting out as a new business can be difficult, especially when statistics show that 1 in 3 fail within the first two years. There are several factors that can contribute to this, such as: poor marketing, lack of finance and location. With all this against you as a new start, the last thing you need to be doing is missing calls, especially when it could be for your next client or sale.

Here at Livetel, we offer services that suit your needs, whether it be answering your phone calls or managing your diary and everything else in between, lightening the load for you and giving you an excellent first impression for your callers.

If you are unsure on whether this is the right solution for you, we do offer a free trial to show you how good this service really is!

Happy 227th Birthday Australia!!!

It was on this date, January the 26th 1788 that the first European settlement made their mark on the rich sands of Port Jackson, now known as Sydney.

As the years have passed on, the traditions have changed and now most cities will light up their skies with an extravagant firework show.

So the Livetel team would like say Happy Australia Day to all Australians who are either soaking up the Australian sunshine and those trying to get through the bitter winter over here in good old England.

Power cuts in Business….

Imagine, it’s a Monday morning and you have just sat down at your desk with a nice cup of coffee. You remember that you are expecting an important call from a potential client and then boom, your power suddenly switches off. This is every businesses nightmare and when you live in a country where the rise in blackouts has tripled in the last year, you need a backup plan. Allot of businesses nowadays rely on power to run their phone systems.

A telephone answering service provider such as Livetel is able to help you. Our offices are equipped with a modern backup power system that ensures us seamless power 24/7, 365 days of the year. This means that you are able to divert your lines to us even in the event of a power disruption and we will be able to answer your line, giving you complete confidence that not one call will go unanswered.

As with all good telephone answering providers, it’s always good to have us and not need us rather than need us and not have us!

Happy New Year 2015…..

2014 has officially come to an end and the celebrations for the New Year are just around the corner. As a business, the New Year is always an exciting time of the year. It’s when new projects are set into motion, when targets are set and when you are given yet another, 365 opportunities to succeed.

Here at Livetel, we are dedicated to helping your business grow and reach its goals. Whether you are a new business who requires a PA, to not only answer your incoming calls professionally, but to help you manage any day-to-day administration tasks or a well established business that requires assistance with the calls , Livetel will always rise to the challenge.

By offering a variety of services that can include; diary management, handling of emails, dictations and outbound calls, we are able to suit our callplans to your needs. So if there was ever a time to kick start your business, now is that time.

A very happy Christmas…

We wish you a Merry Christmas
We wish you a Merry Christmas
We wish you a Merry Christmas
And a Happy New Year!

Christmas is a time for joy, a time for you to enjoy the moments with your family and relax. However, if you are a business owner this might not be the case. Christmas is typically a peak season for business and this means that sales will increase dramatically, phone calls and email will be constant and clients will be demanding more from your company. The question is, have you planned ahead for this? Can you afford to lose opportunities for your business because you are not able to answer the phone? Does the thought of closing for Christmas make you anxious?

Well, here at Livetel we offer a variety of plans to suit your needs this festive season. Whether it is simply holiday cover or you require 24/7 assistance we will find the best and most affordable plan for you to keep your business running this Christmas.

Alternatively, why not take advantage of our free trial? We are currently offering our services to you for free for 7 days or 30 calls included, whichever comes first.

If you would like to know more, please contact Livetel on 01206 210009 or email:

Our latest recruit…Alexandra

We are delighted to be announcing our latest team member ‘ Alexandra’ to Livetel. Alexandra has a keen interest in acting and singing, recently being head hunted by a London showing of ‘Frozen On Ice’ musical where she was asked to provide the singing voice to the main ‘Let it go’ theme. This show is currently being showed in London and watched by thousands each week.

As with all our PA’s, Alexandra has a lovely telephone manner and has already proven to be a big it with our clients and their callers. We are very excited to see what the new year holds for Alexandra with Livetel.

We Want You

Are you bored or unhappy with your current job? Does it feel like it’s the same old thing, day in and day out? Well look no further! Livetel are now seeking additional, professional PA’s to join our ever-growing professional team.

Your part in the ongoing success of this company will see you involved day to day in a variety of administration work including:

– Answering the phone calls for a diverse range of clients.
– Managing the diary of various companies.
– Placing orders.
-Raising invoices.
– Various administration duties.

By being virtual, this means that we deal with companies of different varieties; ranging from Real Estate to Beauticians. This enables our PA’s to gain a vast range of skills and knowledge on the aspects of different organisations.

You will be perfect for this role if you describe yourself as someone who is positive, happy, with a can-do attitude who is eager to take on new challenges and organised with a strong sense in customer service.

To apply for this position, please email your CV through to or call 01206 210009 for further details.

Raise money for this admirable cause

It’s that time of the year again when the UK’s favourite bear makes an appearance and yes, we mean Pudsy the bear! Today we all become superheroes to change the lives of those children who are in need of our help. Over the last 34 years, BBC has raised over £600 million, increasing the quality of life for those who have been less fortunate and most importantly putting a smile on their face. Here at Livetel we are passionate about reaching out to those in need and are proud of our youngest employee who dressed up as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle for a great cause! If you would like to help raise money for this admirable cause, please visit and help a child gain a brighter future.

Happy Halloween…

Nice to see some of the girls getting into the Halloween spirit in the office today. We had parts of the office decorated overnight to give all our staff a scary welcome this morning upon arrival, including zombies coming out the floor, pumpkins and lots of hanging decorations. All the girls are in a lovely mood as usual and we expect another great day in the office! Next up Fireworks night, then Christmas 🙂

Fed up with annoying phone calls?

If you are currently using our service, you will be safe from these calls as we filter them out for you, however, if you need protection from these when the calls are diverted back to your own phones, we strongly recommend registering your phone numbers with TPS. You can find further details of TPS at