Virtual PA Services

There is often more to taking calls than simply passing a message on. Sometimes you may want bookings taken, appointments moved or added and/or other miscellaneous information given out. The good news is, at Livetel we specialise in exactly this. We can take care of all your calls in a seamless manner as if based in your very own office. Tasks may include

General message taking

Most calls usually involve basic message taking such as; company name, number, reason for call etc, however, as a virtual PA you need to be fully prepared for the unexpected at all times. For example, we may be asked to change appointments, give out prices and sometimes even deal with your customer’s complaints.

Diary management

We can manage your diary via an online shared calendar ( often Google calendar ) however we can use your own if preferred.

Giving out your prices or details of special offers to your callers

We can give out a s much or as little information you require us to often at no extra costs.

Why should I choose Livetel PA’s?

There is so much more to being a good virtual PA than just answering calls. For example, you need to know that the accuracy of the messages being taken is perfect. It can be very frustrating if you were to receive messages from a company and when you try to call the company or person back you then find out that your answering service company gave you a phone number that was a digit out or wrong email address etc. All our PA’s are from professional backgrounds which including legal secretaries. We pride ourselves on our accuracy and efficiency and this has proven to be a main factor in the amount of referrals we receive from existing customers.