Power cuts in Business….

Imagine, it’s a Monday morning and you have just sat down at your desk with a nice cup of coffee. You remember that you are expecting an important call from a potential client and then boom, your power suddenly switches off. This is every businesses nightmare and when you live in a country where the rise in blackouts has tripled in the last year, you need a backup plan. Allot of businesses nowadays rely on power to run their phone systems.

A telephone answering service provider such as Livetel is able to help you. Our offices are equipped with a modern backup power system that ensures us seamless power 24/7, 365 days of the year. This means that you are able to divert your lines to us even in the event of a power disruption and we will be able to answer your line, giving you complete confidence that not one call will go unanswered.

As with all good telephone answering providers, it’s always good to have us and not need us rather than need us and not have us!