Professional Telephone Answering Services

At Livetel your are allocated your very own dedicated PA/account manager along with a team of ‘back up’ support PA’s who are all fully briefed and trained on your company and its daily activities. With us you can be ensured that all your calls are being answered by the same people rather than someone new to your calls that is unfamiliar with your company and callers. This way, we also get to know your regular callers and build up a good relationship giving the service a much more personal touch.

Why should you choose Livetel?

Telephone Answering Services is a competitive market for companies such as ourselves and that is one of the reasons we offer something a little bit special with a totally personal feel to set us apart. We also ensure that we never overload our PA’s with too many clients as this can cause calls to be rushed and the personal, friendly feel to be compromised.

Are you currently answering your own calls?

Answering your own calls can feel like you’re saving money but in fact can often be false economy for some of the reasons below:

  • Answering your own calls ( especially on a mobile phone ) can give the impression of a small, one man band type company, often lessening the confidence of your caller. Livetel will always give your company a very professional image every time.
  • It can be time consuming dealing with all you own calls and disruptive at times particularly with annoying sales and marketing calls. We will filter out any unwanted sales calls ( free of charge ) and all your messages will be sent through to you by email and/or text message enabling you to deal with them at a time that suits you.
  • We can keep your reception service consistent, even when you take time off.

I can simply send my missed calls to voicemail so why would I need a live operative?

It is a common misconseption that all callers will leave you a voicemail message if you do not pick the call up. It is proven that over 75% of callers will never leave a voicemail in this scenario, potentially costing your business missed opportunities.