Livetel Solutions Ltd terms and conditions

1. Our Terms & Conditions of Business are valid between “The Customer” (or “You” – which refers to an individual or to an entity) which is engaging in obtaining services of Livetel Solutions Ltd hereinafter to be referred to as “The Supplier”, “Us” or “We”.

2. One calendar month is referred to as a “Period”, which starts on the first day (unless stated otherwise by The Supplier) on which services are provided by The Supplier to The Customer.

3. This agreement is governed and constrained by the laws of England and the parties involved submit to the non-exclusive English Courts jurisdiction.

4. These Terms can be accepted by The Customer in the following ways:

i. In writing by any authorised signatory on the behalf of The Customer
ii. By email by any authorised signatory on the behalf of the Customer
iii. Attempt of payment by any means, even if the payment was not honoured
iv. Use of The Supplier’s services

5. Any quotation or estimate is provided to The Customer by The Seller, who reserves the right to modify the quotation at any time prior to acceptance by The Customer.

6. The Customer is responsible for providing accurate information to The Supplier. The Supplier also reserves the right to charge The Customer any additional costs not stated at the date the agreement was made. This is not limited to disruptions of The Supplier’s service if The Customer uses incompatible equipment.

7. The Customer has to pay in advance the promotional rate prior to setup as agreed in the “Application form”. This fee will enable the Customer to use the agreement for the duration of the time frame agreed in the “Application form” or until any inclusive messages/calls have been used. If The Customer opts to continue using the service once all message credits/inclusive calls are used, they can do so by paying a fee in advance.

8. At the end of the Trial Period, any extra charges during the Trial Period will be invoiced. These charges must be settled no later than 14 working days after the date of invoice.

9. Charges in relation to The Customers’ call diversion facility must be payable by The Customer to his telephone service supplier.

10. If the Customer reaches the included message/call allowance the Supplier does reserve the right to suspend and/or terminate all services.

11. The Supplier will aim to provide the highest level in outsourced reception services to The Customer; however The Supplier is not to be held liable to The Customer for any direct or indirect loss of profit, revenue, sharing, use, lease or business caused by (but not limited to) loss of data, tort, any breach of contract or statutory duty. The Supplier will be liable to The Customer for any death or personal injury caused by Suppliers’ negligence.

12. The maximum liability held by The Supplier to The Customer will be limited to the sum of the paid monthly contract rates for the periods in which the event or events occurred.

13. The Customer can cancel the subscription at any time without notice and no refund will be payable.

14. To enable us to provide the best possible service we will by the nature of our business, gather limited information from the customer’s clients. The Customer must acknowledge that it is of extreme importance to us to do our very best in keeping the information confidential and secure, but we cannot guarantee this.

15. These terms cannot be modified without the written consent of a director of The Supplier.

16. The Supplier reserves the right, at his sole discretion to terminate The Customer’s account immediately for any reason, or for the following (but not limited to) reasons: overdue debts made by The Customer, the discovery of The Customer being involved in illegal dealings or any voluntary arrangements between The Customer and its creditors.

17. No liability shall be taken by The Supplier for any third party transaction arranged on the behalf of The Customer. The Customer shall indemnify The Supplier for all expenses, costs or claims and liabilities suffered by the Supplier as a result of this business relationship.

18. The Customer indemnifies The Supplier for all expenses, costs, claims or liabilities suffered or incurred as a result of this business relationship to The Supplier.

19. The telephone number provided by The Supplier remains the property of The Supplier and can be reallocated at our sole discretion.

20. Promotions, messages or allowances will only be valid for the periods in which they are due and cannot be added or rolled into following periods.

21. Any websites built, SEO carried out or links put in place remain the property of The Supplier until paid for in full at the agreed cost.